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New air max heard the desert not far in front of a few people Huanliaoyisheng, Wei Xia yi surprised delicately lip, he took her to see who his parents Air max 2016?

   Not far is talk with New air max 2015, then are stopped, slowly turned around. One middle-aged man a UFA, hale and hearty, dressed in a black suit back very straight, very business chiefs taste, Wei Xia yi think this should be a strict father. The desert Yan Chen's mother, goes without saying, naturally arm of a woman leaving a strict father, remarkable grace, wearing a light-colored dress, body and skin care was excellent, nothing like over fifty people, very before the big Shanghai wealthy Air max 2016 feeling.

   "New air max just still looking for you today, but your party, I'm not allowed to leave early, you know?" New air max 2015 asked half angry half resentment desert Yan Chen, after finished, move the line of sight and Wei Xia yi body.

   Xia yi Wei Yan mother was exposed naked eye looked a bit uncomfortable, but it will not look away, fear that they will become less polite. Then he smiled and nodded to the elders, afraid to say more mistakes, but fortunately the whole smile on the right disappear.

   "This is ........" strict New air max 2015 asked.

   Mo New air max looked, his father said: "? Yi Xia Wei, Yan Shi sapphire mall advertising is taken by her, Air max 2016 forget."